Cimbria's regional director, Sami Salaheldin, accepts award from the Prince Henrik of Denmark.
Cimbria's regional director, Sami Salaheldin, accepts award from the Prince Henrik of Denmark.

THISTED, DENMARK — Prince Henrik of Denmark extended the HRH Prince Henrik Medal of Honor and the Danish Export Association’s Diploma to Sami Salaheldin, regional director of Cimbria Unigrain in Egypt, at a ceremony at the Helnan Dreamland Hotel on Jan. 27.

Cimbria delivers seed and grain storage complexes to Egypt, which is the world’s largest importer of grain, the company said. In the past, 30% of the imported grain would go to waste, but due to modern storage facilities, this has been reduced. Salaheldin has had an important role in this, the company said.

“Sami Salaheldin has advised the Egyptian ministries, consultants and clients on how Danish technology can reduce the enormous losses of grain after the harvest,” said Søren Overgaard, chief executive officer of A/S Cimbria, who nominated Salaheldin for the award.

Cimbria’s projects in Egypt have made it easier to obtain more orders from that country, the company said.

“Sami Salaheldin’s effort has contributed to the general acknowledgment of Danish technology in Egypt,” said Pernille Dahler Kardel, Denmark’s ambassador in Cairo. “Ministers and decision makers show great satisfaction with Cimbria’s solutions, and this strengthens the general perception of Denmark in the country.”

In August 2014, Cimbria received an order in Egypt, financed with help from UAE, to deliver the market with 23 new silo complexes in 2015 and 2016. Although this means the need for grain storage in Egypt will be covered, Cimbria continues its work. The success in Egypt will be used as a stepping stone to new client segments and markets, the company said.

“We want to focus on the private sector for seed plants, cleaning facilities for the food industry, machines for treatment of herbs and spices as well as cleaning devices for the treatment of oil and wheat,” said Overgaard. “At the same time, Cimbria Egypt will focus on the other markets in the Middle East and North Africa – we have silo projects in Sudan in the pipeline.”