ALGIERS, ALGERIA — Blumberg Grain, a U.S.-based food security company, at the invitation of the Algerian government, is meeting with government and business leaders in Algeria about developing a food security program to reduce post-harvest losses.

The impact of Blumberg Grain's food security systems is an increase in agricultural production by reducing post-harvest losses, a boost in exports of agriculture products, improvement to the quality of grain and produce, and enabling efficient market timing and stabilized commodity pricing.

Through such systems, Algeria can save and generate several hundred million dollars annually, Blumberg Grain said.

Blumberg Grain’s Chairman, Philip Blumberg, accompanied by Blumberg executives, engineering and development staff will be reviewing food security infrastructure requirements in Algeria, and evaluating Algeria for an investment program to include manufacturing and processing facilities.

"We are very pleased to be invited by the Algerian government to consider expanding our food security business and manufacturing operations to Algeria,” Blumberg. “We have been very positively impressed by the Algerian government and leadership and their determination to increase productivity in the agricultural sector and reduce post-harvest losses by employing technology like we provide."

The visit started with a conference about food security, which was co-hosted by Blumberg Grain and the U.S. Embassy, and attended by approximately 100 government and business leaders.

"I am delighted to note that Blumberg Grain's commitment to the Algerian marketplace will create local employment opportunities, while helping to preserve locally-grown food and of course helping to reduce costs and imports, thereby reducing foreign currency expenditures," said Joan A. Polaschik, U.S. ambassador to the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria.

Using Blumberg Grain's technology, countries can save the 30%-40% of agricultural post-harvest output that currently rots in the fields, is consumed by rodents and insects, or pilfered.

Blumberg is also considering Algeria as part of its North Africa manufacturing and food processing investments.

In Algiers, Blumberg Grain will be meeting with the minister of industry and mines, and the inister of transport to discuss the country's food security initiatives. Meetings are also expected with the minister of agriculture, minister of commerce, and the prime minister.

"We are prepared to move quickly in establishing a hub in North Africa, and expanding our operations in the region,” said David Blumberg, chief executive officer of Blumberg Grain for Africa and Middle East. “Algeria presents great opportunity for our company, as we look forward to bringing jobs, a healthier environment for farmers, and increased agricultural output to the country."