Leah Wilkinson AFIA's vice-president of legislative, regulatory and state affairs
Leah Wilkinson

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA, U.S. — The American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) announced on Jan. 5 Leah Wilkinson as its newly appointed vice-president of legislative, regulatory and state affairs. Wilkinson previously served as the director of ingredients, pet food and state affairs since joining the AFIA legislative and regulatory team in 2010.

"During the last six years, Leah has contributed significantly to the growth of the association with her wealth of knowledge surrounding the pet food and ingredient industries," said AFIA's Richard Sellers. "Her promotion is well deserved, and I am confident Leah will spearhead new initiatives and strongly represent AFIA and our members on legislative and regulatory issues in her new role."

Two other members of AFIA's legislative and regulatory team received title changes, one being Sellers, who formerly served as the association's senior vice-president of legislative and regulatory affairs. Sellers' new title is the senior vice-president of public policy and education. 

Richard Sellers AFIA's senior vice-president of public policy and education
Richard Sellers

Sellers joined AFIA in 1991. His new title better recognizes the role he serves within AFIA--overseeing the association's public policy, including legislative and regulatory efforts, placing a significant focus on the implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act and the programs AFIA designs for the industry. He will continue to lead the legislative and regulatory staff in policy development.
Henry Turlington, who also received a title change, will now serve as the association's director of quality, education and training. Turlington's initial position with AFIA -- director of quality and manufacturing regulatory affairs -- was freshly formed in 2013. Turlington's new title better defines his primary role  of developing and executing educational programs and trainings, which AFIA provides its membership and the industry, and the promotion and leadership of the Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program.

Henry Turlington AFIA's association's director of quality, education and training
Henry Turlington

"As AFIA expands in training opportunities for the industry, we want members, media and representatives on the hill to easily recognize those leading the training efforts simply by their title," said Sellers. "Henry has taken the lead when it comes to AFIA's training programs since he joined our staff; now we feel his title truly reflects the role he has molded during the last two years."
The promotion and title changes are effective as of Jan. 4.