CHESTERFIELD, MISSOURI, U.S. — Corn acres doughing surpassed the five-year average last week while corn denting met it, according to a report released today by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. With 92% of corn acres in the doughing stage, 60% denting and 9% mature, the overall corn crop condition held strong with 68% of acres now rated in good or excellent condition.
With doughing surpassing the average by two percentage points and denting exactly equal to the average at 60% of all acres overall, the percentage of corn acres having reached maturity trailed the five-year average by six points. While the percentage of acres mature this week fell behind the national average by six points, it was likely due in large part to cool conditions across the Corn Belt. With higher temperatures forecast this week, progress will likely make faster gains by the next report.

Crop condition estimates remained approximately the same, with one point taken from the percentage of the crop rated good this week. At this point last year, 74% of corn acres were in good or excellent condition.

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