CHESTERFIELD, MISSOURI, U.S. — U.S. harvest progress continued as the nation’s field corn crop condition remained unchanged with 68% rated good-or-excellent according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) reported on Sept. 21. Ten percent of the crop was harvested as of Sept. 20, ranging from 70% of the North Carolina crop to 1% of Colorado’s and Wisconsin’s. While the five-year national average of acres harvested at this point is 15%, only 7% had been harvested at this point last year.
“Every week, the information we gain from combines actually in the fields provides an increasingly accurate vision of what we will find in our bins after harvest,” said Chip Bowling, NCGA president, a grower from Maryland, U.S. “I find it heartening to know that the crop condition report remains strong even though many had issues with flooding earlier in the season. While U.S. farmers work to bring in another abundant, sustainable crop, NCGA continues its work to create demand and grow opportunities for corn farmers.”

As of Sept. 20, only two Corn Belt states have yet to report harvest amounts. After North Carolina, states with the highest percentage of acres harvested by this report included Texas 61% Tennessee 43% and Kentucky 35%.

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