KIEV, UKRAINE — Ukraine and the U.S. have been discussing agriculture cooperation for the past nine months. In an attempt to unite the two countries on agricultural policies, an investment forum was created to discuss issues. Through the forum, Ukraine has implemented large-scale projects to improve its agriculture.

On Sept. 21, Ukraine hosted the Ukraine-U.S.: Export Promotion. The purpose of the event was to discuss increasing food exports to U.S. from Ukraine. The forum also provided time to review the possibility of Ukraine creating an effective distribution system for exports to the U.S. and the possibility of U.S. investment in the system.  

The Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Oleksiy Pavlenko stressed that the issue of access to the U.S. market is relevant for all Ukrainian producers and to achieve maximum results they need to unite their efforts of business and ministry. A successful platform for Ukrainian producers can become the distribution center. If this structure is created in the U.S. with the participation of Ukrainian and American investors, it can be used to create a trade network and communication. The system could then effectively address organizational issues and coordinate trade policies.

“The most successful exporters to the U.S. are manufacturers of oil and fat, alcohol and confectionery industries,” said Pavlenko. “We are aware that the U.S. is a country with high agricultural standards. But the Ukrainian products can be attractive because of the quality and purity of organic production. For the first eight months in 2015 exports increased significantly to the U.S.: honey - 50% ($15.3 million), sunflower oil - 57% ($3.9 million), juices – 8% times ($1.9 million), alcohol - 23% ($1.1 million), cheese and yogurt - 76% ($283,000).”

“Food flashmob #FoodUA, which continues in social networks, has shown that the Ukrainian products can be purchased in major U.S. retail chains like Walmart,” said Pavlenko. “Therefore Forum UKRAINE-US: Export Promotion is a kind of roadmap for Ukrainian exporters to help them reach the big American market."