KIEV, UKRAINE — Nibulon plans to construct a $15 million, high-capacity grain elevator in the Cherkasy region  of Ukraine, the company said at the Cherkasy Investment Forum-2015 on Sept. 18.

The elevator will handle up to 200,000 tonnes of grain per year, and will serve three regions, said Oleksiy Vadaturskyy, Nibulon’s general director.

“The complex will be constructed within several months, and there will be no need to worry where to store grain,” he said. “Agricultural producers will be able to store it at Nibulon at a favorable price. This will attract foreign investors who are cautious of the war and do not invest money in the region.”

Many projects and potential investments were proposed to develop Chygyryn, Uman, and Kaniv regions in Ukraine during the investment forum.

Nibulon has worked closely with the Cherkasy Regional State Administration to continue investing and build in these regions.

“NIBULON really has plans to construct its elevator in Cherkasy region,” said Yuriy Tkachenko the head of Cherkasy Regional State Administration. “NIBULON’s specialists are studying sites to construct the facility in Uman or Khrystynivka regions. The process to execute the required documents has been started.”

In 2007, Nibulon opened the modern elevator complex of its Zolotonis’ka branch in Voznesenske village (Zolotonosha district). Two years later, it established the transshipment terminal of Vitove branch in Vitove village (Chygyryn district). Nibulon is also leasing land for farming at Chygyryn branch and Kamyanka branch.