ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA, U.S. — The American Feed Industry Association's (AFIA) 45th annual Liquid Feed Symposium attracted 200 attendees to Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S., Sept. 15-17. The conference, themed “Northern Lights on Nutrition,” is the country's largest gathering of liquid supplement leaders in manufacturing, nutrition, quality, sales and marketing, and offers speaker presentations, research funding reports, achievement recognition and the Liquid Feed Symposium Trade Show.

Cathy Bandyk, Ph.D., Institute for Feed Education and Research board of trustees member, pictured with Randy Davis, chair of the Liquid Feed Committee, as he makes an individual donation to the 501(c)(3).
Cathy Bandyk, Ph.D., Institute for Feed Education and Research board of trustees member, pictured with Randy Davis, chair of the Liquid Feed Committee, as he makes an individual donation.

“It is refreshing to see this important sector of the industry join year after year for the last 45 years at AFIA's Liquid Feed Symposium. In a time where communications is decreasingly centered around in-person meetings, this particular event still thrives because it is fulfilling a critical need for the liquid feed sector," said Joel G. Newman AFIA president and chief executive officer.

Newman said the symposium's success is a result of offering timely research updates and educational presentations combined with exceptional networking opportunities for manufacturers, ingredient suppliers and other support industries.

Laree Walker of SYSCO Minnesota, U.S., delivered the keynote address at the symposium, “Feeding the Frenzy--Marketing to Consumers.” She told the audience how SYSCO facilitates relationships with each customer, stating the key is to know your market in order to make a brand successful.

With the Veterinary Feed Directive and Food Safety Modernization Act being amongst AFIA's priority issues this year, Leah Wilkinson, AFIA director of ingredients, pet food and state affairs, provided attendees with an informational outlook on the short and long comings of both rules and how to adapt to the new changes, whether a manufacturer, farmer, producer or veterinarian.

“The VFD rule has not only created additional measures for farmers and producers when obtaining antibiotics, but veterinarians, too," explained Wilkinson. “Facilities will be implementing the VFD and FSMA regulations at the same time and it is important to be informed on all the expectations and timeframes."

A familiar face to the symposium, Art Douglas, of Creighton University, returned for his ninth consecutive year to discuss the upcoming weather forecast and its effect on the liquid feed industry.

Other presenters included: Jason Ahola, , Colorado State University; Amy Behrens, Fusion Hill; Phil Cardoso, University of Illinois; John Cropley, ED&F Man Liquid Products, LLC; Alfredo DiCostanzo, University of Minnesota; Stephen Emanuele, QLF-Quality Liquid Feeds, Inc.; Jeffrey Hall, Utah State University; Duane Lenz, Cattle Fax; Juan Loor, University of Illinois; Olga Reuvekamp, Hilltop Dairy, LLP;  Gary Sides,., Zoetis; Jim Spain, University of Missouri; and Daren Williams, National Cattlemen's Beef Association.

During the symposium, the results of AFIA’s annual Liquid Feed Tonnage Report were released and AFIA inducted Tom Geary into the Liquid Feed Hall of Fame.
The 46th annual Liquid Feed Symposium will take place in Memphis, Tennessee, U.S., Sept. 13-15, 2016.