KONYA, TURKEY — IMAS Machinery announced on Aug. 20 a strategic cooperation with Southeast Asian machine manufacturer Maxtex Engineering Corp. IMAS will be the sole agent of Maxtex in Turkey whereas Maxtex will be the sole agent of IMAS for Southeast Asia.

According to this agreement, IMAS will be the sole agent of Maxtex’s Maxsort optical color sorters, whereas Maxtex will be the sole agent of IMAS’s Milleral flour milling machines and turn-key milling projects, which includes but are not limited to projecting, diagram, silos and steel construction buildings. Maxtex is very experienced in the grain color-sorting sector and by adding its Maxsort products in its product portfolio, IMAS said it will be offering more options to its customers.

Mustafa Ozdemir, IMAS general manager, said the company wants to be the solution partner in the grain cleaning and milling sector by extending its cooperation with the companies in the sector.

“I hope the agreement we made with Thai machine manufacturer Maxtex will be a benefit for our company and our group. I think that the cooperation of two companies that are in similar sectors and that are powerful in service after sales will give positive results in a very short time,” Ozdemir said. “We have a trade network that reaches to nearly all parts of the world and we have a detailed database. We have carried our technologies to 70 countries in five continents. Last year we delivered 4,600-tonnes per day of grinding capacity with the 14 turnkey projects and individual machinery and equipment sales.”