BRIGHAM CITY, UTAH, U.S. — Honeyville, Inc. plans to introduce spelt flour and Kamut wheat flour at SupplySide West Oct. 7-8 in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.

“Consumers are demanding more natural ingredients in food products, which is why we see great potential and growth for these two ancient untainted grain varieties in both baking and ready-to-eat foods,” said Tim Devey, marketing director for Brigham City, Utah, U.S., based Honeyville.

Both spelt and Kamut wheat have not been altered or hybridized like modern wheat. Granulation may be adjusted in both flours to meet specifications, including coarse, medium or fine grind.

Spelt is an ancient grain in the same family as wheat and is more like a cousin of modern wheat, according to Honeyville. Spelt has a protein content of at least 10% and a moisture level less than 13%.

Kamut, another ancient grain, has a higher protein level than modern wheat varieties. It has high levels of selenium, a mineral known for its antioxidant capacity, and higher percentages of lipids, which produce more energy than carbohydrates, according to Honeyville.