PARIS, FRANCE — The 2015 French wheat crop is estimated at 39.3 million tonnes, up 4.7% from last year, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Agrifood, and Forestry’s August report. The yield is the highest in five years.

Durum wheat production is expected to increase 18% but production will remain 14% lower than the five-year average.

Maize (corn) harvest is expected to reach 13.5 million tonnes, down 28% from last year. The month of July was particularly warm during the first 20 days. The heat waves and lack of rain thwarted the development of crops to be harvested in the fall. The yields of these crops should be sharply down from previous years. The final yield will depend in large part on weather conditions in August and September.

Barely is estimated at 12.2 million tonnes, up 4% from last year.

Rapeseed production is estimated at 5 million tonnes, down 9% from 2014 and 1.4% from the five-year average.