CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA — Viterra Inc. said on Oct. 18 that it commends the move by the Canadian government to give western Canadian grain growers a choice in marketing their wheat, durum and barley.

"Viterra looks forward to continuing to strengthen our positive relationships with western Canadian growers," said Mayo Schmidt, Viterra's chief executive officer. "Viterra will operate effectively in an open market, and has the existing expertise and relationships, in Canada and around the globe, to provide markets for farmers' wheat, durum, and barley — just as it does today for canola, pulses, oats and other open market grains."

Viterra said it looks forward to working with all partners in industry and government to ensure the Canadian grain sector remains a vibrant and competitive source for agricultural products.

"While marketing choice in itself is a major and positive change for agriculture in western Canada, we also anticipate that further transportation and logistical efficiencies will be realized, benefiting farmers, industry, customers and the broader economy," said Schmidt. "The future of agriculture in Canada looks brighter than ever."

Legislation tabled on Oct. 18 states that western Canadian grain growers will have a choice in marketing their own grain as of Aug. 1, 2012.