DUISBURG, GERMANY —The Brabender Company will present its all-round solutions for the quality control of flour, dough, starch and other material that is applied in the world wide food industry at IBA 2015 in Munich, Germany Sept. 12-17.

The Brabender staff will give answers related to quality control at the four stations of its demonstration laboratory at booth B5.154. Different kinds of sample material will be analyzed with the Brabender 3-Phase-System which consists of Farinograph, Extensograph and Amylograph. These instruments are applied as a standard in the world-wide milling and baking industries and provide comprehensive information about flour quality, especially in combination with each other.

The Brabender GlutoPeak represents the fourth station of the demonstration laboratory. Within seconds, this instrument provides a rheological fingerprint of the analyzed flour. It gives quick but also reliable information about the gluten quality and consequently about the baking characteristics of flour.

Brabender will also demonstrate the single-screw extruder KE 19/25. This compact laboratory extruder and the Lab-Compounder KETSE 20/40 which will also be shown on IBA 2015 are representative of the company’s broad product range in the field of food extrusion.

The company will also show the Micro Visco-Amylo-Graph which measures the gelatinization properties of flour as well as those of starch and starch containing products.

New versions of the Brabender Moisture Tester MT-C and the laboratory mill Quadrumat Junior will be shown at the booth. Both instruments are representative of the product range in sample preparation and grain reception, which completes the company’s rheology and extrusion solutions.