ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA, U.S. — John Patience, an animal science professor at Iowa State University, was presented with the New Frontiers in Animal Nutrition Award on July 12. The award is sponsored by the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) and the Federation of Animal Science Societies (FASS).

The FASS New Frontiers in Animal Nutrition Award, which is similar to a lifetime achievement award, was awarded to Patience during a conference of animal science societies in Orlando, Florida, U.S. A committee of FASS members selected Patience for the honor, and it was presented by Rick Bonander of Adisseo on behalf of AFIA.

This is the 68th year AFIA has presented the Nutrition Research Awards, and the 12th consecutive year the organization has sponsored the FASS award. The purpose of the New Frontiers in Animal Nutrition Award is to stimulate, acknowledge and reward pioneering and innovative research relevant to animal nutrition. The award recipient must demonstrate outstanding and innovative contributions to nutrition research concerning animals that benefit mankind and/or the nutritional value of food from animals.

Patience's research focuses specifically on swine nutrition in the areas of energy metabolism, ingredient evaluation, feeding and management in the nursery and finishing barns, and provides Extension support to the Iowa pork industry.

"John's expertise and accomplishments in swine nutrition have greatly impacted the industry in the continual process to understand pig health and digestion," said Richard Sellers, AFIA senior

vice-president of legislative and regulatory affairs. "He is dedicated to the field and well known in the industry; an ideal recipient for the award."