KIEV, UKRAINE — The E.U., donors and international partners are ready to cooperate fully with the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine in the implementation of a unified comprehensive strategy to develop agriculture and rural areas for the period until 2020, said Head of agriculture and land reform Enzo Damiani, European Commission, at a joint press conference with Minister Alexei Pavlenko on July 9.
The strategy presents a road map for effective agricultural reform in Ukraine. It combines the vision of a modernization of the short- and medium-term action plans as well as complex daily tasks for the ministry.

Damiani highlighted the important position document, which includes improving the business climate, fighting corruption, promotion of investment, and a comprehensive modernization of agriculture.
"But most importantly, we offer the industry a long-term vision, stable and predictable approaches," he said.
Damiani expressed confidence that the document will be approved as soon as possible and prove the validity of the mechanisms provided for the modernization of the agricultural sector and the national economy as a whole.
"Today the Ministry of Agriculture is one of the leaders of the reform. We believe the implementation of this strategy will open up new opportunities for Ukraine, despite the challenging economic times," Damiani said.
The strategy was jointly prepared by 170 Ukrainian and international experts, eight working groups, concerned ministries and departments, representatives of business and industry associations. The document identifies 10 priority sectors of agriculture and land affairs and, most importantly, practical mechanisms for their implementation.
As previously noted, the main goal of Deputy Minister for European Integration Vladislav Rutytska  is an effective agricultural sector. 
"This is a growth of competitiveness,  modernization of production facilities, storage and processing, favorable business environment as a result of simplifying the regulatory environment and a fundamental change in approach on food safety and quality products, strengthening existing positions and trading new products, new export markets," he said.
By Aug. 1, the document will be submitted for consideration by the National Council and later for approval by the Cabinet of Ministers.