WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, CANADA — Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz announced on July 20 that the Crop Logistics Working Group (CLWG) has completed its final report, identifying ways to improve the grain handling and transportation system across Canada. The working group was chaired by Murdoch MacKay and brought together over 18 agriculture organizations from across the grain sector.

This report is a consensus of all these organizations and consolidates the broadest agriculture related recommendations to strengthen the grain supply chain.

The report consists of eight key recommendations, including: enhanced transparency in the rail market; continued assessment of grain movement volume, enhancements in the Level of Service process, enhanced powers of the Canadian Transportation Agency; and increased protection and support for producer car and other small shippers. These recommendations will be submitted on behalf of the CLWG to the Canada Transportation Act (CTA) review panel, chaired by the ‎ David Emerson.

“The input provided by the CLWG supports our government's commitment to improving the transportation system so that farmers’ products get to market quickly and efficiently. Working with industry to strengthen the entire supply chain ensures Canada’s grain sector is well positioned for long term growth and sustainability,” said Ritz.

This work consolidates producer and agriculture industry input into the CTA review and concludes the third mandate of the CLWG—a forum for representatives across the industry to identify improvements to the supply chain.