BLACKFOOT, IDAHO, U.S. — A number of capital improvement projects have been announced at Thresher Artisan Wheat in Idaho aimed at upgrading the company’s storage, handling, processing and other capabilities.

Agspring, a holding company of various agribusiness ventures, in March acquired Moreland Grain and Seed, Blackfoot, Idaho, U.S., and has since merged the business with its Thresher Artisan business. Agspring describes Thresher as a “milling-quality grain storage and merchandising subsidiary.”

Among the projects in Idaho Thresher is undertaking are an expansion of facilities in American Falls, new unloading capabilities at Rockford and major reconstruction at Newdale. At Blackfoot, the company is doubling plant conditioning capacity and upgrading grain screening equipment with new X-ray-based technology aimed at ensuring no foreign material continues down through the supply chain.

“These investments say a lot about the Agspring commitment to growing our region’s economy as one of the best places in the world to produce and source milling-quality varieties of wheat,” said Don Wille, chief executive officer of Thresher Artisan.