BRASILIA, BRAZIL — Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) Chairman Patricia A. Woertz, head of the U.S. Section of the U.S.-Brazil CEO Forum, on June 19 praised the forum’s efforts in strengthening commercial ties between the two countries. The comments came as the forum completes a series of meetings in Brasilia, Brazil.

“As a U.S.-based company with significant operations in Brazil, ADM understands the importance of the U.S.-Brazil CEO Forum in strengthening the commercial partnership between the two countries,” Woertz said. “This has been a productive and fruitful session. We’ve had robust discussions, which resulted in strong commitments by our members and recommendations to the governments. Together, the commitments and recommendations represent a path toward strengthening the important relationship between our two countries. As the governments, businesses and allied stakeholders advance these plans, we will help ensure a stronger economic future for our countries.”

ADM is one of the largest agribusiness companies in Brazil. With approximately 4,000 employees, the company processes soybeans at four facilities, and markets the soy oil brands Concórdia and Corcovado and the sunflower and canola oil brand Vitaliv.

The company operates the largest biodiesel plant in Brazil, a cocoa processing plant, a sugar cane processing facility that produces ethanol, and more than 40 elevators across the country.

ADM owns an export terminal in Barcarena and has a concession to operate a terminal at the Port of Santos. The company is building a soy protein production complex next to the company’s existing soybean processing facility in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul.