WINNPEG, MANITOBA, CANADA – Westeel announced on May 11 an alliance with FWS Group of Companies to provide Westeel Centurion bins and catwalk systems for four CWB locations.

FWS was contracted by CWB to construct four new grain terminals in Manitoba and Saskatchewan in Canada.

The first of the four projects for CWB completed by FWS is in Bloom, Manitoba where two Westeel Centurion grain bins measuring 24 meters (78 feet) in diameter and 28 meters (91 feet) in height have been constructed with a 48-meter long (157 feet) Westeel Catwalk.

The two bins include Westeel’s patented commercial roof and a total capacity of 609,140 bushels. The catwalk system boasts a dual walkway, bar grating floor, and a conveyor path measuring 0.70 meters (27 ½ inches) in width.

“We have a long-standing relationship with Westeel and appreciate the precise manufacturing and quality engineering that goes into their products,” said Rori Bouchard, senior project manager with the FWS Group of Companies.

“FWS and CWB are industry leaders in agriculture and it’s a great opportunity for Westeel to partner with them and showcase the high quality manufacturing and construction capabilities we have here in the Canadian prairies,” said Denis Tétrault, business manager, North America with Westeel.

The other three sites are in Colonsay, Saskatchewan; Pasqua, Saskatchewan; and St. Adolphe, Manitoba.