TOKYO, JAPAN — Satake will exhibit at FOOMA Japan 2015 June 9-12 at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center, Tokyo, Japan.

Satake will display and demonstrate machines including the latest models under the theme of rice potential. FOOMA is the largest food processing industry trade show in Japan and is attended by companies involved in every stage of the food production process. The show, hosted by the Japan Food Machinery Manufacturers' Association, is in its 38th year.

Satake will exhibit and demonstrate five different groups of machinery and panels:
• Test equipment, analytical services and sorting along with processing test services for monitoring quality assurance.
• Optical sorters that promote food safety and reliability.
• Grain conditioning and processing machinery that enhance taste.
• Cooking and food processing machinery that serve tasty rice.
• Value-added food and kitchen products that promote a more active people.

In the group for test equipment, the DNA Analyzer (which quickly identifies rice variety) is exhibited and demonstrated. Under kitchen products, the kitchen rice mill GABA Mill, which has the capability to promote GABA, is exhibited and demonstrated.

Satake is also featuring its latest research ideas for reference such as: the dried pasta sorter which sorts black point or discolored pasta, a new friction type rice milling unit which reduces brokens in rice by means of a more gentle milling and a small-scale pneumatic rice flour milling unit delivering featuring a unique wet type milling process.