SPRINGFIELD, OHIO, U.S. — Bulk material handling equipment manufacturer Sweet Manufacturing Co. announced on March 27 that is celebrating its 60th anniversary.

Sweet was founded in 1955 by W. Dean Sweet in Springfield, Ohio, U.S., where the company is still located today. The company originally set out to provide positive change to the agricultural industry. Now 60 years later, Sweet is still a “family-oriented” company that has the reputation for integrity, innovation, heavy-duty crafted products made with U.S. prime steel and premium components, and customer service to the agricultural, feed, aggregates, wood, industrial and biofuels markets, Sweet said.

During the 1960’s, Sweet introduced the use of galvanized steel in the manufacturing process. Customers appreciated the rust and corrosion resistant qualities obtained, along with longer life and reduced maintenance.

Sweet also introduced a young girl as “Miss Sweet” in the marketing brochures for the “Sweetheart” elevator buckets. That young girl was the founder’s daughter, Alicia Sweet. After graduating from Wittenberg University, Alicia Sweet joined the Sweet team as advertising coordinator. She then spent several years in various departments throughout the organization. In 1996, W. Dean Sweet named Alicia Sweet as president. After 32 years of service, she continues to serve as president and chief executive officer at the company today.

Today, Sweet’s products can be found in more than 55 countries around the world.

“The company is committed to not only maintain its heritage core values rooted in integrity and trust, but also to continue to look to the future by expanding both domestically and internationally,” according to the company. “Our vision is to be the world’s first choice provider of material handling solutions.”

Sweet continues to investment in new equipment to improve the efficiency of its manufacturing process. Additionally, Sweet has received the Award for Excellence in Hot-Dip Galvanizing and has been recognized three times by Ohio’s Governor for Excellence in Exporting.

“My father would be so proud of our success and equally thankful for your loyal service. As we celebrate our 60th anniversary, we should reflect on and learn from our past and plan for our exciting future. We need to focus each and every day on excellence and what we do the best, which is manufacture material handling equipment that is built to last,” said CEO Alicia Sweet Hupp. “We should strive to deliver on our company mission to provide innovative quality solutions that create an extraordinary customer experience and remember to be easy to do business with. The words of my father back in 1970 still hold true today: ‘We are not content to bask in past achievements. Rather, we shall continue to design, engineer and manufacture the finest, highest quality material handling equipment.’”