KIEV, UKRAINE — NIBULON has exported nearly 3.1 million tonnes of grain and oil crops through the end of March, the company said on April 17.

Corn accounted for 37.86% of the shipments, wheat 35.11%, barley 16.77%, rapeseed 8.06%, sorghum 1.86% and soybeans 0.34%. Major export locations are Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Spain, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

NIBULON, as a large agricultural producer and leading Ukrainian exporter, said it is working to improve agricultural trade.

“Our company is an important player in the world grain market, competing successfully with large foreign exporters and enabling Ukraine to lead in this segment of the economy,” NIBULON said. “The development of logistics and the creation of an efficient system to transport cargoes (by constructing infrastructure) play a crucial role. In addition, NIBULON makes everything so that agricultural producers may understand their role in the given process. In particular, NIBULON provides information on agricultural commodity prices at each elevator complex at a specific time.”

Several core departments and services at the company work efficiently in order to develop trading and purchasing activity and exports, NIBULON said. NIBULON’s sales department monitor prices in the domestic market, ports and regions, follow price level on the commodity exchange (CBOT, MATIF) and currency rate, analyze logistic expenses and the presence of available space at the elevators. According to this information, they form proposals for the Pricing Committee as to the establishment of prices for agricultural commodities.