ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA — The American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) announced on April 14 that it's Liquid Feed Committee is seeking nominations for the Liquid Feed Hall of Fame. AFIA noted that the Liquid Feed Hall of Fame was established to recognize and honor individuals who have made significant contributions to the science and growth of the liquid feed industry.

Anyone may submit a nomination, and nominees are not restricted by company nor industry affiliation. Suggested categories for Liquid Feed Hall of Fame nominees include: liquid feed manufacturing managers, educators, researchers, publishers, inventors, allied industry leaders or others who are either currently employed or retired.

AFIA said that qualified nominees not selected last year will be automatically included in this year's ballot in accordance with the Liquid Feed Hall of Fame Charter. The 2015 Liquid Feed Hall of Fame inductee is invited to attend the Liquid Feed Symposium Awards Ceremony, Sept. 16, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S., where honored for their achievements. A virtual hall of fame is housed at the AFIA offices, honoring each inductee's accomplishments and contributions to the liquid feed industry.

AFIA asks that applications be completed, including a testimonial of 200 words or less, and forward your nomination to Leanna Nail, AFIA director of administration, at Nominations for this award are due by July 1.

AFIA noted that the Liquid Feed Hall of Fame Selection Committee, consisting of the current Liquid Feed Committee Chairman, Chair-elect, and Ex-officio, members of the  Liquid Feed Education Subcommittee, the university representative to the Liquid Feed Committee, AFIA's President, AFIA's Chairman of the Board and an industry publication editor, will review and vote on all nominations submitted.