CREMONA, ITALY — Ocrim SpA on March 25 will celebrate its 70th anniversary in business. The company was founded in 1945 by Guido Grassi, Member of the Order of Merit for Labor, with the invaluable contribution of his brother Ettore and his cousin Luigi Grassi.

Ocrim was born as a small workshop located in the Cavatigozzi area of Cremona, Italy. With no more than 25 employees, the administrative and commercial activities were conducted in a commercial studio in the center of Cremona.
Today, Ocrim is managed by the Antolini family. Primo Antolini is the president and his sons, Alberto and Sergio, are respectively managing director and vice-president. Under the Antolini family’s leadership, a series of changes have occurred. These changes have not only been made in trade and economic terms but also in relational, cultural and social terms. Yet, the company still preserves what has always been the tradition of the company.
Despite not having Cremona origins, the Antolini family said it believes in the importance of the bond that Ocrim has always had with the city of Cremona. Citizens are often involved in events and projects, both of cultural and educational background, and this year there will be even more spectators of various moments and events organized by the company, with the goal of making people feel that they are integral part of this great family.

Ocrim has had 70 years of research, design, production and realization of milling plants, feed mills and cereals processing systems. Through 70 years of activity in the mechanical industry, the company, despite great difficulties, has proudly maintained its production in Italy. Ocrim said that the preservation of the excellence that is “ITALIAN MADE” is a genuine trademark for the company.

To celebrate this event, Ocrim will present to the world its most competitive and updated solutions for the sector. The company said these innovations in the technology and engineering field will be highlighted during an important event scheduled for May 21 at the 2015 IPACK-IMA exhibition

Ocrim noted that at its booth the company will welcome visitors exhibiting the preview of these innovations that will be told and shown through "alternative" languages. They also reflect not only the personality of the company but will refer to the artistic and cultural Italian realities to which Ocrim is closely linked.

Ocrim has reaffirmed its continuous commitment to invest in Research & Development. Ocrim said it has always believed that giving importance to this sector was a decisive choice to stand out and excel for spirit of innovation and knowledge.

Ocrim said it anticipates there will be important news about automation (new graphical interface, traceability and energy efficiency), the company’s image (through the creation of a new company logo, dedicated to the 70th) and design.

Professionalism, innovation and tradition are words that are part of the company’s DNA, Ocrim said. The combination of these three elements are linked to several of Ocrim’s signature projects: customization of Limited Edition machines in the presence of clients; the event "WHEAT FLOUR, AND ..."; the "Ocrim CORE" museum and the International School of Milling Technology.
Ocrim said all of its success is the result of the passion, competence and fairness that the company’s staff exhibits every day, because “sometimes the important and beautiful things are not made by only one person, but by a team.”