CHIPATA, ZAMBIA — Cargill announced on March 10 that it has launched the first commercial maize mini mill in the Eastern Province of Zambia. Located in Chipata, this accessible mill will provide local rural and urban farmers with a reliable, consistent market for their maize as well as produce competitively priced mealie-meal for the consumer. The mill will produce high quality white and roller maize meal for the domestic market, including Cargill’s in-house brand that will be available in 5 kg, 10 kg and 25 kg bags.

The mini mill supports the Zambian government’s policy objective to encourage smaller, more localized mills to improve food security by reducing the cost of food. Cargill plans to build additional mini mills in other rural locations in Eastern and Muchinga provinces over the next few years. By bringing these mills into rural areas where maize is produced, Cargill hopes to target high food costs and food insecurity. The mills will also provide the local population with opportunities for employment and access to skills training.  

“The new maize mini mill underlines Cargill’s commitment to the economic growth and prosperity of Zambia, and aligns it strongly with government’s clearly stated desire to develop a thriving agricultural sector,” said Lezanne van Zyl, Cargill’s general manager in Zambia. “The new mill will allow farmers to have access to local milling for their crops and to produce much needed high quality mealie-meal to consumers.”

This $2 million mini mill with a milling capacity of 2 tph, offers a distinct advantage in the maize meal market in Chipata and surrounding areas. As the mill will source local maize and produce the mealie-meal product in Chipata, transport and fuel costs will be reduced and Cargill will be able to offer a competitively priced product to retail consumers.

Cargill has been active in Zambia since 2006. The company, which has close to 450 employees based in Lusaka and Chipata, believes that African agricultural production is a critical part of any future solution to feeding the growing global population. The investment in this mini mill is a reflection of Cargill’s intent to grow in the region in order to serve its’ customers.