QUEBEC, ONTARIO, CANADA — Premier Tech announced on Feb. 23 the acquisition of Almeida Martins by its industrial equipment group, Premier Tech Chronos. This 10th acquisition within the last 15 years allows Premier Tech Chronos to expand its worldwide presence and reinforces its status as the leader in the packaging equipment industry, the company said.

Almeida Martins is a Brazilian-based company, founded in 1993, and dedicated to helping companies with material handling as well as robotic solutions for packaging and palletizing. Almeida Martins’ advanced technologies and machine capabilities are now used by more than 800 companies in Brazil.

Premier Tech Chronos and Almeida Martins share a common mission: to enrich the lives of clients, and make each client’s experience as seamless as possible, Premier Tech said.

“This acquisition will considerably improve Premier Tech Chronos’ ability to better serve global accounts in Brazil and reinforces our brand recognition in this strategic market,” the company said in a news release. “Together, we expect to achieve much more in the years to come for our customers in need of industrial packaging solutions.”