CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA — Canadian Pacific said on Feb. 10 that it has received notice from the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference-Running Trades (TCRC) that the union intends to strike if there is not a negotiated settlement. The union represents more than 3,000 active locomotive engineers and conductors at CP.

A work stoppage can occur as early as Feb. 15.

"CP's offers included wage increases, better benefit plans, and the re-instatement of the Employee Share Purchase Plan in a long-term agreement," said Peter Edwards, vice-president, human resources and labor relations. "We also proposed a model that will improve the scheduling of regular time off and quality of life while enhancing our service and efficiency, but the union has not been interested."

CP asked the TCRC to start bargaining on a new contract in December 2013.

"Canadian Pacific is committed to finding a workable solution with the union and continues to bargain in good faith," Edwards said.

Subject to the union's decision to strike, CP said it will implement its contingency plan by deploying management employees to maintain a reduced freight service on its Canadian network. CP will work with its customers to advise them on how this work stoppage will affect them.