Seck Guan Pua will become the chief operating officer and executive director Wilmar International
Seck Guan Pua will become the chief operating officer and executive director of Wilmar International.

SINGAPORE — Wilmar International announced on Dec. 11 that it has appointed Seck Guan Pua  as chief operating officer (COO) and executive director. He will begin on Jan. 1, 2016.

Kim Yong Teo, Wilmar’s COO and executive director, will retire on Dec. 31.

Pua’s primary responsibility will be to assist Koon Hong Kuok, Wilmar’s chairman and chief executive officer (CEO), with overseeing and managing the business divisions of Wilmar and developing new businesses. Pua will work with and be supported by the existing management of Wilmar who head its various business divisions.

Pua is currently the CEO and executive director of Perennial Real Estate Holdings Limited. He has over 25 years of real estate experience that spans across Asia, including China, India, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. Pua founded Perennial Real Estate Pte. Ltd. in 2009 and established Perennial China Retail Trust, Singapore’s first Chinese retail development trust listed on the Singapore Exchange Securities trading Limited in 2011.

“I am pleased to welcome Seck Guan to Wilmar,” said Kuok. “He has a proven track record of building businesses through his exceptional combination of entrepreneurial and leadership skills, which will be useful in helping Wilmar develop existing and new businesses. Seck Guan’s roles in Wilmar and Perennial will be beneficial in both companies. Perennial will benefit from Wilmar’s strong presence in many countries while Wilmar will benefit from participating in property projects with Perennial which will enhance Wilmar’s standing in those places. I would also like to express deep gratitude to Kim Yong for his long and dedicated service to Wilmar since its beginnings. He has made significant contributions which have helped make Wilmar what it is today. I am pleased the he will continue to support Wilmar in some specific areas where his experience will be very helpful.”

“I am extremely honored to have the opportunity to take on the senior management position at Wilmar, one of Perennial’s largest sponsors,” said Pua. “Having spent much time immersed in the Asian market, particularly China, I hope to add value to Wilmar’s business through my understanding of the varied markets and opportunities, while learning the ropes at Wilmar expediently. Perennial has a growing presence in China and has recently expanded into selected emerging markets. In many of these markets, Perennial has the benefit of leveraging on Wilmar’s extensive in-depth knowledge, extensive network and relationships, and experienced on-ground resources.”