SIEGEN, GERMANY — Leonhard Breitenbach GmbH, a roll specialist in Siegen-Trupbach, Germany, which serves the flour milling industry, celebrates its 150th anniversary.  Founded as a roll turning shop in 1866, the company started to manufacture complete rolls. Since its foundation it has been family-owned; today the company is being led by two managing directors, who report to five shareholders.

Breitenbach has more than 120 employees.

The complete production and manufacturing of rolls as well as other cylindrical components are located in the Alche Valley. The company produces chilled cast iron and grey cast iron using the static casting process. Horizontal centrifugal casting is used for smaller rolls. It also manufactures rolls from different forged steels and mild steels.

Due to continuous growth in the past years, Breitenbach has purchased additional manufacturers.

It does not make any difference whether the rolls are being used for the production of chocolate or tires, for crushing of seeds or flaking of cornflakes, Breitenbach said it offers the roll and service to its customers.