MANDEVILLE, LOUISIANA, U.S. — Consolidated Grain and Barge Co. (CGB), a grain and transportation company, announced on Nov. 19 that it successfully completed the acquisition of 49% of Brooks Grain.

“Since our inception, Brooks Grain has had a very close working relationship with CGB,” said stated Erica Fields, president of Brooks Grain. “We now have begun an even closer relationship, one that is exciting as the addition of CGB as an equity partner gives us the ability to grow our business to meet our customers expanding needs. We will also expand our business in rye merchandising and handling to new markets. This partnership will further solidify the presence of Brooks Grain as the premier supplier of rye to the U.S. distillation industry.”

Initially, the two companies worked together to promote the marketing of high quality rye to distilleries. CGB provided accounting and financial support, and also leased space from its Louisville, Kentucky, U.S. facility for Brooks’ use to elevate rye specifically for use in the distillation of whiskey. On Oct. 30, CGB acquired a 49% interest in Brooks Grain.

“We are very excited to make our partnership with Brooks Grain ‘official’ and look forward to our continued, shared success in this market,” said Greg Beck, vice-president of CGB.