SAN JUAN, SPAIN — In July Symaga reached and surpassed its production record, with a total steel manufacturing of 4,700 tonnes throughout the month, which means a daily production of about 200 tonnes.

Symaga sees this record as the result of a continuous investment in new technologies over the last 10 years, which totals around €40 million. The company was able to double its production capacity. The growth in production was coupled with an increase in human resources. The company now has 200 employees. All of this growth has resulted in a 50% sales increase.

Symaga said it is participating in some of the main grain storage projects for 2015, such as the construction of the rice re-processing facility in Thailand. This project is the biggest hopper silo order in the company’s history.

Symaga noted that it is also strengthening its business in Indonesia, supplying silos for a grain import terminal in Southeast Asia. Symaga will also expand its presence in North Africa and consolidate its business in Central and Eastern Europe.