INNISFAIL, ALBERTA, CANADA – Agrocorp International announced on Oct. 21 the official purchase and ownership of Central Alberta Transloading Terminal. Since entering into a purchase agreement two years ago, Agrocorp has seen uptake from local growers, providing fast growth in the newly developed export business, the company said. The business is further supported by the continuance of both the existing transload and domestic feed distribution operations, areas which Agrocorp will continue to expand.

Located in central Alberta on a main CP Rail line, the Innisfail plant handles grains, pulses, and oilseeds. The plant has a storage capacity of 4,000 tonnes and a handling capacity of 80,000 tonnes per year.

“We are very excited to have this business now fully under the Agrocorp banner as we continue to grow our asset base in Canada,” said Colin Topham, managing director of Agrocorp.

Under new Agrocorp ownership, the plant will assume the name of Agrocorp Processing.

“We are currently in the research and design phase of expansion for this facility with more news to follow,” Topham said.

Agrocorp International is a wholly owned subsidiary of Agrocorp International Pte. Ltd., a multinational agricultural trading company based out of Singapore. It is one of the largest pulse trading houses in the world, specialized in exporting, trading, and processing a diverse array of agricultural commodities. Agrocorp handles about 4 million tonnes of product each year and has an annual turnover of $2 billion.