UZWIL, SWITZERLAND — Since Bühler’s Polaris purifier first entered the market in 2010, the company said it has sold 800 units worldwide.

The purifier can be sold as a stand-alone machine or as part of Bühler’s Antares-Sirius-Polaris.

The Polaris, listed as article MQRG at Bühler, is primarily used in durum mills for manufacturing high quality semolina for the production of premium pasta. With its high throughput capacity and increased yield for low-ash flours the Polaris purifier can also be used in milling where particularly light and thus low-ash content flours are being produced.

Bühler said its customers appreciate the 20% increased throughput rate of the Polaris, the maximum purification capacity with its extremely high yield of speck-free semolina, the user-friendly operation and monitoring as well as the maintenance-free operation.