WEST PERTH, AUSTRALIA — Following the closure of nominations on Jan. 10, the Western Australian Electoral Commission (WAEC) has advised the CBH Group that there are four nominations for this year's director elections. This includes nominations from three current directors — two of whom have been elected unopposed.

The current directors whose three-year terms as a director expire at the CBH Group's Annual General Meeting (AGM) on March 2 are Vern Dempster, Clancy Michael and Wally Newman — all of whom stood for re-election as a candidate in this year's elections.

Vern Dempster and Wally Newman have been re-elected unopposed in this year's elections in Districts 2 and 4 respectively, and Clancy Michael will stand against Coorow grower, Michael O'Callaghan for election in District 1.

An election will now be held in Electoral District 1 and grower members in this district will have until the close of the poll at Feb. 24 to vote for a director for District 1. Ballot packs containing full voting information will be mailed to shareholders residing in Electoral District 1 on Jan. 25. The poll will close on Feb. 24 and the results will be announced following the counting of votes on the same day.

For further information regarding the CBH Group district director elections, please contact Wayne Nicholson, returning officer from the WAEC, on 9214.0448 or e-mail[email protected].