PORT OF PARANAGUA, BRAZIL — The Port of Paranaguá moved nearly 28 million tonnes, a 6% increase in volume, from January to July, with significant increases seen in grain.

Over the past seven months, more than 19.7 million tonnes of dry bulk was moved, 5% more than the volume recorded last year. Among the products that stand out in the segment were the export of soy at almost 6.8 million tonnes, 27% more than 2013; bran at 3.4 million tonnes, representing a 12% increase; the importation of wheat, which increased by 54% at 153,600 tonnes; and fertilizers at more than 5.8 million tonnes, 5% higher than last year. 
The volume of grain also increased the amount of trucks arriving to unload corn, soybeans and meal. From January to July this year, there were about 249,000 trucks,  almost 10% more than reported last year. 

General cargo recorded the highest percentage increase. With nearly 5.3 million tonnes, the total handled in 2014 is 10% higher than recorded in 2013 in this segment volume. General cargo products are handled in containers or other packaging (bags, pallets, bales, blocks, etc.), cars, machinery, parts, projects, sheets of wood, iron or steel. 

Regarding containers, 427,723 units have been moved, 2% more than last year. Exports were 211,061 units, 5% more than 2013.