ARLINGTON, VIRGNIIA, U.S. — Four Taiwanese milling executives will tour several wheat states from July 6-15, thanks to U.S. Wheat Associates (USW), the North Dakota Wheat Commission, Nebraska Wheat Board, Oregon Wheat Commission and California Wheat Commission. The USDA Foreign Agricultural Service also provided funding for this trade team event.

“This visit will help us demonstrate the quality of the U.S. hard red spring (HRS), hard red winter (HRW) and soft white wheat these millers want to produce flour for healthy wheat foods,” said USW Country Director Ronald Lu, who will accompany the team. “The millers are also looking forward to learning more about U.S. hard white (HW) wheat. They currently can only import Australian white wheat that is specifically positioned for use in noodle flour and they hope to encourage farmers and grain handlers in the United States to produce more HW.” 

This team will see a wide range of the U.S. wheat industry on this visit. In Fargo, North Dakota, U.S., the focus is on HRS. Over three days in Nebraska, the team will see how farmers, breeders and seed producers are working to improve HRW and HW yield and quality. The millers will be able to see wheat move by rail and barge to export elevators in Portland, Oregon, U.S., where the Federal Grain Inspection Service independently inspects and certifies that the wheat being shipped meets purchase contract specifications. Finally in Woodland, California, U.S., the California Wheat Commission will demonstrate the unique characteristics of the HRW and HW wheat grown in the state.