PORT KEMBLA, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA — Kerman Contracting Pty Ltd (Kerman) has been awarded a A$67 million contract for the design and construction of a grain export facility for Quattro Ports, a joint venture between Qube Holdings, Noble Group, Cargill Australia and Emerald Grain. 

The new export facility will be located at Berth 103 Inner Harbour Port Kembla at the east coast of New South Wales, Australia. The construction works are due to start in mid-July with an estimated completion in October 2015.

The new grain export terminal at Port Kembla will be designed to cater for a minimum throughput capacity of 1,200,000 tonnes of grain per year. The grain will be received by rail and road, with both receiving facilities forming part of the development.

In order to provide the best possible design and construction outcome, Kerman and Kotzur Pty Ltd (Kotzur) have formed a strategic partnership specifically for this project. Both organizations have a proven track record for the delivery of bulk storage and materials handling facilities at various ports around Australia, including considerable experience with grain.

“Quattro Ports has been impressed with the collaborative approach that Kerman and Kotzur have taken to working with Quattro during the period from tender close to contract award,” said Tony Day, chairman of Quattro Ports. “Quattro is confident that in selecting Kerman it has a partner who will deliver this important new development on time and on budget.” Tony added, “This project is an important step in the process of establishing a new port logistics chain that services the needs of a competitive grain market.”

Kerman, in its role as head contractor, is able to contribute its extensive experience in the delivery of large design and construct projects. Whilst Kotzur as Kerman’s major sub-contractor will contribute with innovative structural, mechanical solutions for the grain storage area.

The export terminal development will include a road receival hopper, a rail receival facility, an elevated overland inloading conveyor system, eight flat bottom and nine small cone bottom silos at the grain storage area, bucket elevators and conveyors for materials handling, ship loading conveyor and batch weighing system, weigh bridge and control buildings.

“Kerman and Kotzur have an excellent working relationship and have previously worked together on grain handling projects,” said Mark Nagle, executive director at Kerman. “The respective strengths of the two organizations are complimentary to each other and hence create a strong and workable team.”