VILLARTA DE SAN JUAN, SPAIN — Symaga has released a new corporate video, available on its website ( and on its

The video is a company tour that is introduced by president and directors, who explain the 30 years of company history, its factory, its employees, its objectives, and installations in over 120 countries. 

Raw video was presented to employees at a Christmas dinner, and in June has been finalized and published in three different languages (Spanish, English and Russian), in order to reinforce the Symaga brand throughout the world. 
Symaga shows a quick look at its two main pillars: factory and professional team. Symaga owns one of the biggest factories in Europe, located on 400,000 square meters of land, which has 60,000 square meter buildings, and 9,500 square meters of warehousing, containing more than 8,000 tonnes of steel. The personnel team consists of more than 150 professionals which can advise customers in project engineering design.