WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, CANADA — The CWB announced on Jan. 25 that 2010-11 initial payments for wheat, durum and barley will increase effective Jan. 31. The increase will range from C$22.20 to C$37.45 per tonne for wheat (depending on grade and class), C$25.50 to C$43.60 per tonne for durum, C$54 per tonne for Pool A feed barley and C$37.50 per tonne for designated barley.

The adjustment payments, in dollars per tonne, for representative grades in each pool account are listed below. The total initial payment to date is basis in-store Vancouver or St. Lawrence and must be adjusted for freight/elevation charges to arrive at farm gate prices. A complete listing of payments for all grades in dollars per tonne and dollars per bushel is posted on
www.cwb.caunder "Farmers" and "Farmer Payments".