VIENNA, AUSTRIA — The AGRANA Group announced on May 8 that Walter Grausam, chief financial officer (CFO), will be leaving the management board of the AGRANA Group and retiring upon the expiration of his current contract on Dec. 31. 

Walter Grausam has been the CFO of the AGRANA Group since 1995 and is stepping down at the end of the year at his own request and in accordance with his personal planning. 

The supervisory board of AGRANA also appointed Stephan Büttner as a member of the management board effective Nov. 1. Effective Jan. 1, 2015, Büttner will be the board member responsible for the areas of finance, controlling, treasury, data processing/organization, mergers & acquisitions, legal affairs as well as for the fruit segment.

After graduating in commercial sciences from the Vienna University of Economics and Business, Büttner, initially worked in positions at companies including KPMG AUSTRIA GmbH and EULOX LOGISTICS GmbH. 

After joining Raiffeisen Ware Austria AG in 2001 Stephan Büttner was chief executive officer (CEO) at its subsidiary Ybbstaler Fruit Austria GmbH as of 2004. He has been working for the AGRANA Group since 2012. As CEO of AUSTRIA JUICE GmbH, a joint venture of AGRANA Beteiligungs-AG and Raiffeisen Ware Austria-AG, Stephan Büttner successfully managed the merger of AGRANA Juice GmbH and Ybbstaler Fruit Austria GmbH.