WEST PERTH, AUSTRALIA — CBH Grain has delivered a total of A$73 million in distribution payments to those growers who participated in CBH Grain's 2009-10 wheat pools and opted for the distribution, harvest or flexi loan payment methods, CBH said on Jan. 17.

The payment was deposited into participating growers' bank accounts or credited to outstanding loan accounts on Jan. 14.

CBH Grain Pool Manager Aiden Blechynden said this marks the fourth distribution payment delivered to participants in CBH Grain's 2009-10 wheat pools.

"Based on APW2 grade the fourth distribution payment for the 2009-10 harvest pool for wheat was A$42.16 per tonne," Blechynden said. "This takes the cumulative percentage paid out to 79% of the pool's estimated pool return (EPR) which is currently sitting at A$248 per tonne, based on APW2."

In this round of payments, growers participating in CBH Grain's benchmark pool and the managed pool have received A$44.42 per tonne and A$44.30 per tonne respectively, based on APW2 deliveries.

Blechynden said given the sales and shipping program is nearly complete, CBH Grain's 2009-10 wheat pools are expected to be finalized and paid out in March 2011. This is one month ahead of the payment dates estimated in CBH Grain's budget guide for pool payments.

For full details on the third distribution payment for CBH Grain's 2009-10 wheat pools, growers should contact their local CBH Grain regional manager or the Grower Service Centre on 1.800.199.083.