WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, CANADA — CWB announced on April 2 the upcoming availability of special Ground Truth reports from Ukraine that will focus on the market impact of the crisis in Crimea and the implications for Western Canadian farmers. 

Reported by Neil Townsend of CWB's Market Research Services, reports will be issued during the period of April 8-16, and will include at least four crop tour updates and a special report from the Black Sea Grain Conference which will be April 9-10, in Kiev, Ukraine. 

"Ukraine is a key wheat exporter, and there is a lot going on in Ukraine these days, from the situation in Crimea, to the implementation of the IMF austerity package," said Neil Townsend, CWB director of market research. "This can have all sorts of market implications. This is an excellent opportunity to try and separate the reality from the innuendo. Our main goal while in Ukraine will be to analyze the export potential of Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan in 2014-15, and the resulting market impact."

These reports are available free of charge to all existing subscribers of CWB's Market Research Services. A one-time two-week trial subscription is also available. Individuals or corporations who sign up for an annual or trial subscription before April 8 will also receive CWB's recent Ground Truth reports from the last week of March on Argentinian crop conditions, as reported by Bruce Burnett of CWB's Market Research Services.