WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, CANADA —The Canadian International Grains Institute’s (Cigi) board of directors announced on March 31 the retirement of Earl Geddes, chief executive officer (CEO), effective Sept. 8.  
Cigi is a not-for-profit organization recognized for its independent market development programs and activities specializing in the delivery of high-quality technical expertise, support, and customized training in Canadian field crops to customers around the world.  
Since 2009, Geddes has led Cigi through a transition in marketing from the Canadian Wheat Board era to an open marketing system for wheat and barley in Western Canada. Also, during this period, production of oats, oilseeds, pulses and specialty crops has become increasingly important to farmers. New business partnership funding arrangements have been secured, and Geddes has been instrumental in expanding the scope of Cigi and positioning the organization to capture opportunities for growth and advancement of its programs and services on behalf of farmers, industry partners, and the Government of Canada (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada).      
“We are very proud of the international reputation and recognition that Cigi has as a quality provider of independent technical and product knowledge,” said Murdoch MacKay, chairman of Cigi’s board of directors. “Cigi, now and into the future, is a critical part of our Canadian advantage, where collaboration, vision and technical market support will be paramount to the whole industry’s success.”

Geddes said, “I have loved my time at Cigi, working with the dedicated team of world-class highly qualified professionals, and the successful relationships we have built in Canada and throughout the world. Together, we in many regards are well on our way to achieving Cigi’s vision of being recognized as the leader of Canadian field crop product applications around the world through education, research, and innovation.”  
The Cigi board has engaged Scott Wolfe Management Inc. to immediately begin the search for a CEO.