KIEV, UKRAINE — In the current year, Ukraine plans to receive around $20 billion from the export of agricultural complex production, therefore the government said it is working to ensure the needs of farmers are met during planting season.

“Timely providing them (agrarians) with equipment, fuel, lubricants and fertilizers is the pledge of successful sowing campaign, and as a result, food security in the country,” said Acting Prime Minister Serhiy Arbuzov. “Apart from that, the country needs currency flows from the agri-food export. We predict them on the level of $20 billion this year.”

Arbuzov said the current sowing campaign is satisfactory. 

“The winter crops have been sown almost reaching the level of last record year, which is 96%. The agrarian producers have been fully provided with quality seeds. Readiness of tractors makes up 96%, planting machines – 98%. I hope this winter weather conditions will facilitate good yield,” he said.