ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA — Viterra is responding to increased plantings of the new barley variety Hindmarsh by offering growers several selling options for the new variety including cash prices, forward contracts and multi-grade contracts, the company announced on Sept. 2.

Hindmarsh has been popular with growers because of its improved yield qualities and the number of tonnes planted this year has increased sizeably. As a result Viterra will consider segregation requirements for Hindmarsh as part of the pre-harvest segregation planning process.

The prices offered by Viterra for Hindmarsh position it at a premium over feed but less than a malt 1 grade as final evaluation of its malting grade status is still pending. An announcement on the suitability of Hindmarsh as a malting variety is expected in March next year.

Previously, Hindmarsh has demonstrated potential to achieve export malting quality. Viterra has had indications from Chinese customers that they are eager to purchase the variety, and so are working to develop a market for this variety.

Viterra Malt is also testing the variety but is awaiting the results of the malting evaluation.

Hindmarsh is a semi-dwarf variety with excellent head retention and lodging resistance. Hindmarsh is best suited to low to medium rainfall environments and it has high yield potential.