SINGAPORE — Interflour recently completed the acquisition of the Golden Grand Flour Mill in West Java, Indonesia. The acquisition of the Golden Grand mills brings the total number of mills that Interflour owns to eight.

The mill has a daily capacity of 600 tonnes. Total storage capacity is 40,000 tonnes with an unloading capacity of 300 tph. It uses wheat from Australia, U.S., and Canada to produce wheat flour and bran.

West Perth, Australia-based CBH Group, which owns half of Interflour, said on Dec. 3 that it is preparing to make its first shipments to the mill.   The ship that CBH is using, the MV Yong Tai, is also likely to be the largest vessel to take wheat from Western Australia to the Interflour Mills, with around 65,000 tonnes on board. The record was previously held by the MV Ningbo Dolphin, which loaded 60,387 tonnes.

CBH Group Chairman Wally Newman said the acquisition of Golden Grand Flour Mill moves Interflour another step towards achieving its goal of milling 10,000 tonnes daily by 2018.

“Interflour has been growing its milling capacity year-on-year and growers have seen the benefit of this growth through the Investment Rebate, which returned 90¢ per tonne last year and 40¢ per tonne for the 2014-15 year,” Newman said. “This newly acquired mill is strategically located to provide freight advantages with Interflour’s other mills in Malaysia and Vietnam.”

“Western Australian growers and their co-operative are in a great position now, owning more of the supply chain is not only benefiting them through rebated profits but their investment in Interflour is growing in capability and reach,” he said.