SERGEANT BLUFF, IOWA, U.S. —  Ag Processing Inc. (AGP) announced on Dec. 22 that the company's board of directors has approved plans for the construction of a soybean oil refinery at its Sergeant Bluff, Iowa, U.S., facility. Current plans and schedules anticipate completion of the new refinery in the spring of 2017.

Company officials noted that final construction decisions are contingent on negotiations with state and local officials regarding economic development, utility rates and services, and regulatory considerations.

"AGP is excited to move forward on adding a new vegetable oil refinery at our facility in Sergeant Bluff, which will generate jobs and further add value to soybeans for our cooperative members and their farmer?owners," said Keith Spackler, chief executive officer for AGP.  "We appreciate the opportunity to work with state and local officials to develop programs that contribute to the overall success of this project. This expansion demonstrates the strong commitment AGP has to the Siouxland community and to the soybean industry.

“We value the quality workforce, the community support and the future growth opportunities we have at our Sergeant Bluff location."

Spackler noted that AGP's operations in Sergeant Bluff currently include soybean processing, AminoPlus production, and soy biodiesel production.

"Adding the capability to refine crude soybean oil is a natural progression for AGP to fully leverage an integrated soybean processing platform at this facility," said Spackler.