WASHINGTON, D.C., U.S. — The U.S. 2010 corn production was forecast at 13,159,700,000 bushels, down 2% from 13,365,225,000 bushels forecast in August but up slightly from 13,110,062,000 bushels in 2009, and soybean production was forecast at 3,482,899,000 bushels, up 1% from 3,433,370,000 bushels forecast in August and up 4% from 3,359,011,000 bushels last year, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) said in its Sept. 10 Crop Production report.

If realized, both corn and soybean production would be record high.

Wheat production data were not updated from August but will be revised in the Sept. 30 Small Grains Summary.

The USDA corn production number was below the average pre-report trade estimate of 13.199 billion bushels but the soybean estimate was above the average of 3.406 billion bushels.

Based on Sept. 1 conditions, corn yield was forecast at 162.5 bushels an acre, down 2.5 bushels from the August forecast and below the 2009 record of 164.7 bushels an acre, the USDA said. Soybean yield was forecast at a record 44.7 bushels an acre, up 0.7 bushel from both August and a year ago.

The 2010 rice crop was forecast at 255,319,000 cwts, up 4% from 245,882,000 cwts forecast in August and up 16% from 219,850,000 cwts in 2009.

Sorghum production in 2010 was forecast at 376,469,000 bushels, down 2% from 383,435,000 bushels in August and from 382,983,000 bushels in 2009, the USDA said.