EDGEWATER, NEW JERSEY, U.S. — Senior executives of Ingredion Inc. on Nov. 18 will present a business overview to investment analysts.  Future growth drivers, financial performance and long-term objectives driving the company’s success will be reviewed. 

By focusing on higher-value specialty ingredients, Ingredion’s objective is to achieve $8 billion in sales by 2019 with specialty products approaching 27%-30% of those sales, up from an estimated 23% in 2014. Long-term growth objectives are higher in the food sector and outside of North America.

“Over the past five years we have significantly outpaced the S&P 500 in share price appreciation and total shareholder return.  We continue on that path with improving margins from growth in specialties and strong cash flow,” said Ilene Gordon, chairman and chief executive officer.

The company’s specialty ingredients are aligned with key consumer trends:  authentic ingredients, texture, nutrition and natural sweeteners, like stevia. 

“We have unique technology capabilities to enable innovation in specialty ingredients and we are making significant investments in R&D and capacity expansion,” said Jim Zallie, vice-president global specialties.

According to Chief Financial Officer Jack Fortnum, specialty ingredients are growing faster and command higher margins than the Company’s core products. 

“The focus on specialty ingredients will significantly impact margin expansion and earnings growth.  Our objective is to generate continued low-double-digit EPS growth over the long-term, as we have over the last 15 years,” he said.  

Other long-term objectives include driving margin expansion by two percentage points and more than 10 percent return on capital employed.