SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — GrainCorp said in its weekly harvest report on Nov. 17 that it has received 3.7 million tonnes at its sites since Oct. 1.

Ongoing dry conditions in Queensland, despite some isolated showers, has slowed harvest activity. Receivals at that site stand at 512,000 tonnes as of Oct. 1.

Conditions are also dry in northern New South Wales (NSW), but cereals and pulses are mostly complete, the company said. Favorable weather in central NSW has seen the crop come off at an intense pace. Total receivals from that site are at 2.5 million tonnes.

Harvest activity in southern regions has been slowed by some light rains. Barley in Victoria is beginning to wind down, while canola is well underway and really ramping up in the Horsham region, while wheat is getting underway in northern areas.